Bahrija craters Malta -
EU crater or doline?
Bahrija crater Malta - satellite view of the crater and the secondary rim shot hit craterBahrija crater rim Malta - is this an Electric Universe crater basin, impact basin or limestone depressionsmall impact crater on earth or a spark machined mini crater formed in the EUOne of the mysteries and puzzles of the geological world - how does geology explain the mystery of this photo
Satellite image of Bahrija crater, Malta
Crater with secondary rim shot crater and a mini crater chain beside it
The Outer Rim territories of Bahrija crater
The raised and curving Outer Rim with mini crater chain and electroblemes
Large and small craters at Bahrija, Malta
4 mini craters in a curving crater chain. What formed all these craters?
Normal geology? What can form these?
Found beside the craters. Unexplainable geology or explainable gEULogy?

Bahrija depression, Malta - EU crater or doline?

Bahrija craters in Malta consist of a large crater with a secondary crater (rim shot) and a "crater chain" of mini craters. This newly discovered EU crater has the classic signs of an EU crater - raised rim, rim shot crater (attached 2nd smaller crater), electroblemes (spiraling rock lines + strange rocks + FUR) and this one has a cave.

It is said to be a doline (sinkhole) but it cuts into the side of the hill. Is it more like
a Carolina Bay than a natural depression?
If it is a natural depression why does it have a raised rim?

Duck, ducklings and Mickey Mouse Craters?

Bahrija crater Malta with a rim shot secondary crater hit Mini crater and crater chain line photographed beside the Bahrija crater Malta Mickey Mouse craters - multiple Carolina Bays (Grady ponds - Citronelle ponds) created the image of Mickey Mouse - What created the Carolina Bays and are these actually Electric Universe craters?

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then there is a good chance it is a duck. Can an ugly ducking crater turn into a Mickey Mouse crater?

Mini craters are found in a line beside the main Bahrija crater. What process formed one type of crater is likely to have created the others. The main crater also has a secondary "rim shot" crater.

A new crater found on Earth in the Mediterranean - Bahrija, Malta crater - panoramic view

When you view the images of Bahrija crater it looks like an EU crater, when you visit the site it looks even more like an EU crater, when you review the evidence from the area it appears to be an Electric Universe crater.

An astrobleme, crypto explosion, natural limestone depression or an Electric Universe crater? Bahrija crater - Malta Bahrija, Malta - crater outer rim. Is it an impact crater, a crater basin, depression or an EU crater?

Bahrija crater - Malta . kmz warning - this link is a file that will start Google Earth or will ask permission to download a kmz file

Mickey Mouse craters and Carolina Bays

Mickey Mouse craters - multiple Carolina Bays (Grady ponds - Citronelle ponds) created the image of Mickey Mouse - What created the Carolina Bays and are these actually Electric Universe craters? Carolina bays, Robeson County, USA - LIDAR elevation image Carolina bays Bladen County North Carolina America - are these spark machining evidence in an Electric Universe?

The Bahrija crater has a rim shot secondary hit. These rim shot hits can happen mutliple times to the same crater. This can create a "Mickey Mouse" shape. The Carolina Bays are an amazing mystery. These numerous (over 50,000 in the USA) elliptical depressions vary in size but are orientated in the same direction (changes as you move around the country). They have a slightly raised rim. Bahrija crater is very flat, epiliptical shape, has a secondary crater and has a raised rim.

Mickey Mouse craters seen on Phoebe a Saturn satellite moon Bahrija crater Malta - a crater with a rim shot similar to Carolina bays, North Carolina (NC) in the United States of America (USA)
Phoebe's Mickey Mouse (Saturn moon) and Bahrija rim shot crater

No one knows how or what they are. One explanation is that they were all caused by Meteorite impacts (due to the crater like shape and direction). There may be an alternative idea that can explain all craters on all bodies. From micro craters to complex craters. It is used everyday in engineering.

Natural power/discharge lines or just normal Geology

plasma filaments twisting over each other natural discharge through Telluric Currents (localised Ley Lines?) or a plamsma discharge event in an Electrical UniverseFilaments in an Electrics Universe - natural electrical discharge seen in GeologyA photograph of geological a mystery and a puzzle - what in the world full of of geology mysteries is this?

These amazing limestone rock lines twist over each other. They are found beside the Bahrija crater and are also near the mini craters. Is this just normal Geology or has something else formed them? Are they electrical/plasma discharge lines? Telluric currents flow through the earth and in special cicumstances they could discharge themselves on the surface of the earth.

Mini craters and crater chains on Earth

small impact crater on earth or a mini Electric Universe crater found in Europe in the Mediterranean in at the Bahrija crater MaltaDoes Hunt's Impact Theorem predict or explain this micro crater in the middle of a triangle shaped rock?

These mini craters are on the northern outer rim of Bahrija crater and are found close together in a curving line, a crater chain.

Heart shaped rock, astrobleme or mini micro crater impact basin microcrter in Europe, Bahrija crater Malta

Other mini and micro craters have been found in various parts of Malta. They can also appear in groups or crater chains.

Marsalform beach and Bay, Gozo and Qolla Safra, a spiraling twisting yellow sandstone hill. A mystery of Geology but maybe created in an Electric Universe

If things are scalable in an Electric Universe are the strange Qollas of Gozo a variation of these?

Crater cave and partially melted (vitrified) rock

Limestone crater cave - Bahrija EU crater Malta

The crater is formed out of the side of a rolling hill top tht the village of Bahriga (Bahria) is located on. A large cave is found in the NE rim. In and around the cave are unusual rocks.

partially vitrified (melted) rock near St Martin of Tours Church, Malta vitrified, vitrification of calcite or limestone or sandstone rock - photograph

Some are dark grey, some of the outsides are very strange. Others appear to have melted or partially vitrified rock. One of them has the strangest "ribbed" blocks attached to it.

Some caves are thought to be created by EU events. If this is an EU crater then the cave and the partially vitrified (melted or transfomred) minerals would fit into the pattern. There are a lot of caves on Malta, showing signs of burned sandstone/limestone (discolouration).

How are craters and Carolina Bays formed?

carolina bays, thick percoarson looks like upside down Mickey Mouse rim shot craters on Earth, Bahrija crater Malta

Form Guide - forum DIScussion on how craters and the Bahrija Crater are formed

A number of craters have a secondary crater centered on the rim. The Bahrija crater in Malta also has a 2nd crater on its rim. Virtually all craters appear to have been "hit" directly from above and are formed in defined size and type categories.

The transition between simple and complex craters occurs over a narrow diameter range on a particular solar system body and is thought to scale as the inverse power of the surface gravity, g. The transition occurs around 15 km diameter on the Moon, 7 km on Mars and about 4 km on Earth. OUGS (Open University Geological Society Mainland Europe)

If craters were formed by different large object travelling at different directions and speeds, made of different materials, hitting at different times of the Universes life, with different conditions on the planets (themselves composed of different materials and different environmental conditions) why do they seem to fit into precise categories and look the same? There is even a mathemetical formula for "Impact Craters" called Hunt's Impact Theorem.

Why do most craters on most planets, moons and asteroids have flat floors? Is there another way they could have been formed?

Interestingly, the Dt values for Earth (3.1 km) and the Moon (18.7 km) differ by a factor of six, which is exactly the ratio of their values of g. In addition, complex craters on the Moon are on average six times deeper than on Earth. OUGS (Open University Geological Society Mainland Europe)

95-99% of the Universe is composed of Plasma (ionised or electrically charged gas). All stars are Plams including our Sun. There is a theory that it is an Electric Universe and not a Gravity Universe. Theoretical Dark Energy and Dark Matter, that can not be detected but "has" to be there to make the maths work, has been predicted to make up around 95% of the Unvierses matter. If you need 95% of something to make your 5% of ideas and maths work could those actual ideas not be correct?

Has the Universe got it wrong or humans?

Could craters be formed by Spark Maching (EDM) in an Electric Universe? Would this explain the Carolina Bays? Not just there shape but the orientation and numbers? It would also help to explain why they have rims and the special sand that is found on certain parts of them. EDM on a massive scale may be the answer to crater chains and why craters sometimes look like Mickey Mouse.

If it is an Electric Universe then Gravity may be an electrical affect. The precise ratio difference in crater depths on the Moon and the Earth could then be also explained by an Electrical Universe.

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