Iwan - power line and powergon
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The Birth Of Rock?
Is this one of the places where Rock was Born?

Boulder Dash
All different colours and structure yet made from the same material...

If Everything Is Electric...
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Malta - Rock Powergons - Iwan


gEUlogy logo Where Rock was born?

Iwan is perhaps the most developed of the Grey Rock powergons on the Pembroke rolling hill top. When you first view Iwan you have normally followed the power line to it and then come across what at first looks to be a powergon but then you may dismiss it as a pile of rocks. Although it has similarity to Mobese and Siren it looks to be made of different types of rocks and there are very different coloured boulders around it.

Boulder Dash ?


Iwan's paw appears to be formed of 3 seperate parts. The slab with the frequency curved top, FUR with Grey Rock seperating it and a totally different flat triangle rock beside the FUR. Each of the boulders around the North side are also different in colour and structure.

On closer inspection the FUR and the triangle are actually joined but 3/4's of it shows signs of the Birth OF Boulders. But it looks an individual form of rock. The boulders obviously look like seperate individuals as they are not alike.

The Birth Of Rock


All parts of Iwan's paw have the same marker, a fossil in them, including each of the boulders. They therefore are very likely to have been formed from the same material. During the last Plasma Discharge Event to effect Iwan, its paw was transformed into the various rock forms. I suspect that Iwan was much larger than Mobese before this happened. Of course BOR could still be occuring now :)

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