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gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth
The study of the Earth in an Electric Universe

gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth..
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What don't you see?

(g)EUlogy to Geology
The study of earth and the Earth through Electric EYEs

Utah - the varied gEUlogy

The state of Utah has a stunning range of geology from the Virgin Anticline, Pine Valley Mountains Laccolith to precious metals and stones like Silver Sandstone and the very rare Red Beryl. It even has the odd nipple.

Virgin Anticline, river and Quail Creek State Park

The Virgin Anticline is a spectacular geological feature in Utah, between St George, Washington and Hurricane.

The whole areas is a crazy assortment of Geological features and minerals. The The Geology of Quail Creek State Park (pdf) and the more detailed Geological Road Guide To Quail Creek State Park, Washington County, Utah (pdf) explains the Geology of the area and gives a rough guide on how to visit them.

The Domes, Mesas, Buttes and Qollas

Some of the domes and hillocks & knolls & the odd Nipple (Qollas?) include Washington Dome, Harrisburg Dome, Bloomington dome, Punchbowl Dome, Beehive Dome, White Dome, Shinob Kibe and Mollies Nipple

Shinob Kibe

View of Shinob Kibe Butte - Virgin River anticline St. George

Shinob Kibe Butte is a spectacular 'outcrop' that is strangley placed yet looks as if the shape found today is the shape it was formed into from the start. Shinob Kibe, as well as the name for an Indian God, is part of the scene with the Shinob Kibe Mesa Geocache hidden on its top by Astounding (great site and photos).

Mollie has 5 or 7 Nipples?

View of Mollies Nipple - Qolla - St George, Utah, USA
"There are five separate geographic landmarks in the state of Utah sharing the name Mollie's Nipple, and two with the name Molly's Nipple, according to a quick search of the U.S. Geological Survey database" (Mollie's Nipple Cache in Hurricane)
Article and photos from the person who stashed the Mollie's Nipple Geocache

Silver Sandstone, Red Emeralds and Purgatory Sandstone

Silver Reef - Silver Sandstone - and old time Jerkies

Silver Reef, Utah, USA - American Wild West ghost town

Yes, Silver Sandstone, lots of silver, over 8 million ounces, as well as copper, gold, and uranium in the area. Most famously found at the now Ghost Town of Silver Reef.

In 1866, while traveling through the Harrisburg area, an itinerant prospector discovered high-grade silver ore in sandstone. The mineral occurrence - oregrade silver in sandstone - was so unusual that he doubted his own findings and moved on to the silver boom town of White Pine, Nevada. The Geology of Quail Creek State Park pdf
This remarkable and well-known district lies about 320 miles south of Salt Lake City, in Washington County, near the Arizona border of the territory. It is now reached by the Utah Southern Railroad and its extension, and the last 100 miles are run by stages. These vehicles are called "jerkies" in the West, which name conveys a good idea of the comfort they afford, and the relief experienced when you alight. Arriving at Silver Reef, the main amp of the district, one sees at once that he stands where once a surging sen had its domain, marked now by heavy sandstone deposits of a red and white color. The town itself, a neat, clean, and orderly mining town, is encircled on the north by trachyte and granite mountains, skirting to the west. They are cut through in places by deep gorges... The Silver Sandstone District of Utah - Rolker, Charles M.
Silver Reef near St. George--an unusual place to find silver since it does not ordinarily occur in sandstone. - Silver in the Beehive State
The finding or a mixture of precious metals and Uranium, combined with an amazing assortment of Geological topography is an EU marker. How do all these minerals and physical variance appear in the same area? How come some things are eroded away but others are not? Those that are left look like they were actually created where they stand. Although outstanding they still fit into the landscape.

Purgatory Flats and Purgatory Sandstone

The story behind the great sounding names tells of harsh but restrained Mormon Pioneer times. Ranger Bart Anderson imparts a bit of local history.
Mormon pioneers in the 1860s, Bart told me, had a really bad time at what became known as Purgatory Flats. The topography forced pioneers to bring their wagons across this hot, hot flat. It didn't have good water. "They didn't want to face it,' Bart says. 'It was dreaded by the pioneers. It was hellish."
Those Mormon pioneers were upstanding folk who didn't believe in using swear words. "They would've named it 'Hell Flats,'" Bart surmises, "but they couldn't swear." Purgatory was the next worst thing. National Public

My Precious...Red Beryl (Bixbite or Red Emerald)

Red Beryl (red emerald or bixbite) is one of the rarest of precious Gemstones both in numbers and locations. It is found (so far) only in Utah and New Mexico. Like most Gemstones they are found near the surface.

Why are Gemstones found on the surface or just below, why do they have inclusions and why are certain types found in small cavities and can be covered in a black coating?
Further Discussion article on Red Beryl

Pine Valley Mountains - Laccolith

pine valley mountain (PVM) laccolith St Georges Utah - terrain topography map black and white snow photograph of the pine valley mountain in winter

Pine Valley Mountains are a Laccolith, one of the largest. Utah has other large Laccolith including the Henry Mountains. Laccolith are extremely interesting but a real puzzle to Geologists. They are supposedly formed by an intrusion of one type of rock into another.

Devils Tower, Wyoming - Laccolith

The laccolith known as the Devils Tower - national monument, Wyoming, America

Another example of a Laccolith is Devils Tower in Wyoming.
Further Discussion article on Laccoliths

Lightning never strikes twice?

The Grand Canyon in America - lightning strike pattern seen in topography or terrain maplightning bolt hit  on a human showing the lichtenberg figure and lightning flower pattern

The Grand Canyon is an EDM event on a Grand scale. It looks like a lightning strike because it was caused in the same way. What Don't You See?

How was all this incredible Geology formed? Erosion the removal of everything is touted as the likely candidate. Is it normal tht something that slowly washes and wears away stuff is responsible for all of this? How were all the mineral found mixed together formed. Geology says that they were formed at many different times (millions of years) and locations. Created on different types of the same world. gEUlogy says that most of these were created at around the same time as whatever forces created the amazing landscape.