Stow Bedon Mere Norfolk | 1 Mere or 2 Carolina Bay craters?
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Stow Bedon Mere Norfolk | 1 Mere or 2 Carolina Bay craters?

norfolk meres Stow Bedon Breckland england shallow lake or carolina bay crater lake

Stow Bedon Mere in Norfolk looks like it has one distinct Mere but are there two Carolina Bay crater lakes very close to each other? Which one is the Stow Mere, is one man made? The two areas that could be Stow Bedon Mere have the usual oval Norfolk Meres shape but are they both natural? If the one above is Stow Mere why does it seem to have a small island in the middle if Norfolks Meres are caused by collapsing chalk ground or karstland type geology?

Stow-Bedon Mere is about 23 acres in extent. The soil is mixed; subsoil, clay and gravel.
Norfolk - Stow Bedon | Kelly's Directory for Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk, 1883, p.505

carolina bays norfolk meres or craters lakes in breckland england britain

The other area along Mere Road, Stow Bedon Norfolk, has the familiar Norfolk Meres shape. It looks like a shallow oval depression or crater, very similar to the Carolina Bays found in America and also the Lunettes in Australia around Lake Victoria and Lake Mungo. Are they all related? Can it be different geology forming them or is it gEUlogy (Electric Universe geology) ?

Stow Mere, a large sheet of water, covering about 25 acres, is the property of the lord of the manor
Norfolk: Stow Bedon | William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1883

american norfolk english england netherlands holland meres - are they carolina bays crater lakes

Carolina Bays in America are a real mystery and puzzle to geology and to a Gravity Universe. How can there be so many 10s of 1000s of these shallow lakes in America? How and why do the Caroina Bays seem to orientate themselves?

Is the answer simply that they are pock marks, EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) craters in an Electric Universe? If they gEUlogy then this would explain how similar shapes are found around the world. It is not the geology of the area that forms Meres or Carolina Bays it was an Electric Universe event.

The location of Norfolks special oval and fluctuating Meres is strange, they are found in a rough circular location. Could that be part of a plasma discharge in that area?

englands meres lakes norfolk list photographs photos

England has Meres or Lakes that are shallow but wide. Norfolk has Meres but very unique ones, oval shaped and very similar to the Carolina Bays in America.

The above Google Earth image of Stow Bedon shows Mere Road and the area of water in the village. The 2 oval shapes that could be Carolina Bay Meres are at the bottom.

carolina bays crater lakes england britain meres geology habitat

Is there just one Stow Mere or does Stow Bedon have 2 Carolina Bay crater lakes or Meres both beside Mere Road?

Is the 2nd Stow Bedon Mere similar to Scoulton Mere? Is the 2nd Stow Bedon Mere formed from supposed flint workings or is it a Carolina Bay crater and similar to other craters on earth?

Manicouagan Crater Scoulton Mere Stow Bedon Mere aerial satellite image impact crater or EDM discharge like a Carolina Bay America

Is Manicouagan Crater also a EDM crater and can this explain its very puzzling and strange ring shape? Is it a variation of Scoulton Mere or the 2nd Stow Bedon Mere? Are they variations of Carolina Bays in an Electric Universe?

How did geology or water erosion create the inlet/valley into the middle of Manicouagan Crater or is it an electric discharge and that is why the rivers/valleys around and in Manicouagan Crater look like Lichtenberg Figure discharges or lightning strkes? Similar to the little dyke/stream inside the 2nd Stow Bedon Mere?