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BOB - the Birth Of Boulders
Limestone boulders found on hill tops - where do they come from?
Illogical geological but what else is there?
Wind and Water gaps, the Tibetan Plateau etc.. what if there was a logic alternative?

BOB the Boulder - the Birth of Boulders

Where do boulders come from on a limestone island with no mountains? BOB may be an example of the Birth Of Boulders. Found on Pembroke rolling hill top with other Grey Rock Electroblemes and power lines. Bob stands out in an outstanding area.

and God said "Electric rocks!"... and it was so

Malta grau felsen uberraschen naturlich geologievista Pembroke Malta colina roca gris linea

BOB is a Grey Rock stub that stands out in its area. Close to it is Marlon which is a power line thats start/end is similar to BOB. The limestone outcrop BOB is made up of 2 sections, the first is a Grey Rock stub, very similar to those found at Clapham Junction Cart Ruts, Malta (south field).

limestone outcrop or Electrobleme created by an electrical discharge in an Electric Universe. Photographed at the Cart Ruts, Clapham Junction, Malta

Sliced and diced

Amazing musical note shaped rock, photograph taken at Pembroke, Malta in the winterBirth of Rock in Malta - grey boulders either normal geology or Electric Universe gEUlogy

The side part of BOB has been sliced clean off. This would indicate that something like a plasma cutter effect occured or this thin line of angled rock was vapourised. If it was a normal geological event then some form of stress had to snap the rock with such a clean break. Or the Temple Builders may have fancied this bit of rock, carved their way smoothly through then abandoned it, Malta and the world.

Is some form of Plasma Cutters responsible for the birthing of boulders? and God said let there be rock and it was so

On the main part of BOB you can find the white fossil markers or white circle deposits, also found on Iwan and other areas of suspected EU activity.

If Boulders, rocks and stones are created by an Electric Universe event, such as a massive Plasma Discharge Event, they may be sliced from the host rock. Boulders are also likely to be formed from the surrounding materials but these rocks may vary in composition to the host rock. For example the rocks surrounding Iwans paw all have the same marker, the white fossils or white circles but the colour and compositon of the materials varies.

The Birth of Electric Rock

Crystal (Krystal) rock - JohnPeel powergon - many types and sizes of Quartz found at the beach beside Surfside and the sea on the sandstone beach, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta

There are a number of examples of the Birth of Rock in Malta that will be presented. This also includes a "birthing area" where a number of different minerals have been created out of the same large section of fried clay and another from the sandstone surrounding it.

The photograph above shows the powergon known as Johnpeel (the birth of alternative Electric Rock) also shows the Birth of Rock with sandstone as the host material. JohnPeel includes many varieties of double layerd Quartz crystals and some massive Quartz seams. Johnpeel (EYE photographs) can be found at Surfside, Sliema (Tower Road), Malta beside the sea on the sandstone "beach".

There are more examples of sliced and diced rocks and boulders around Malta. Also some rocks that were halfway in the process of being seperated (or formed?) from the host rock.

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Birth Of Boulders
and God said "Electric rocks!"
and it was so

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