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Stalagmites outdoors? No cave popcorn?
How can stalagmites or mineral deposits form outside and on Malta's Blue Clay?
Stalgamites Pride! Out of the Cave!
These outdoor stalagmites are in the open with no cave in sight or on site
It's not what you think you see
It's what don't you see
What else don't you see?

Stalagmites found outside with no cave in sight

cave popcorn cave coral photograph with stalagmites outside not in a cave

These appear to be stalagmites (speleothems) and other cave formations (cave popcorn, cave coral and perhaps even the start of Death Coral) have been found out in the open. There is no cave in sight and it is very unlikely there ever was any overhead structure.

If they are not stalagmites and cave formations they certainly appear, from a Geology point of view, to have been formed by something from above dripping on this particular section of fried looking Malta Blue Clay. How can they have been formed there, how did they get there, why is the Blue Clay still there? What is a sea shell doing in the middle of it?

Is this the Birth Of Rock showing itself in a mineral form? Is this an Electric Universe?

Stalagmites Pride! They have come out of the cave

fomm ir rih bay malta irdum maltese for cliffs and the birth of rock area for stalagmites and no cave popcorn or no cave coral the death end of geology mysteries mystery land stalagmites

The small area of Blue Clay that these stalagmites are found is opposite the impressive Irdum (cliffs) of Fomm Ir-Rih Bay, located near the sea shore below Ras Il-Pellegrin.

malta cliffs irdum fomm ir rih bay stalagmites limestone blue clay qolla icke near the birth of rock area on malta

The stalagmites vary in size from small to a few larger and thicker ones. They are in different forms and colours. The area is just behind Qolla Icke.

"No cave popcorn" because there is no cave

stalagmites in the open air not in caves deposits of minerals calcite stalagmites speleothems outside land

These stalagmites appear in groups or lines. Some rise from or are surrounded by cave popcorn (cave coral). The photograph on the right shows stalagmites or minerals either rising from the fried Blue Clay or deposited on top. Some sections of the Blue Clay looks similar to rock beside the SnakePlissken line, almost like travertine.

speleothems stalagmites and layers of perhaps calcite formation unusual strange with an explanation in an Electric Universe crystals inside stalagmites core but not in cave found outdoors

The insides can be slightly hollow or have layers of whatever mineral it is formed of. In the larger white stalagmites thee is a crystal core or layers (calcite crystal I guess).

Brown stalagmites and brown "no cave popcorn"

speleothem stalagmites brown mineral outside outdoors notincaves hollow stalagmites speleothem on land not located in caves

The colours of this Birth Of Rock area vary within a few feet of each other. On one side and the top you will find patches of brown stalagmites and brown "cave popcorn". In one section the brown stalagmites are partially hollow inside.

She shells sanctuary on the sea floor

how are stalagmites formed not in caves seashell blueclaymalta she shells sanctuary on the sea shore and floor

At first this looks very puzzling, a large sea shell in the middle of the powergon area with a stalagmite or mineral deposit above and around it! But if you know that Malta's Blue Clay flows out of cliff sides and hilltops in large taluses it starts to make more sense. Geology thinks that the Blue Clay of Malta was deposited when that layer was underwater, hence the sea shells found in it and also why/how it is there. Otherwise how did it get there and why does it keep flowing out? What if if never stops?

Are all micro fossils the remains of an living thing or could the amazing thing we call nature be able to create the simplest of shapes itself? After all nature seems to have managed to create most things around us in one way or another. Nature creates stalagmites, stalactites, Death Coral, cave coral/popcorn etc.

Formed from Malta's Blue Clay and the EU?

the birth of rock minerals out of blue clay malta malta blue clay found in the rock crazy geology formation

This particular Birth Of Rock (or minerals) area is a small patch of Malta's Blue Clay. But there are other rocks around that show BOR. Does it show that some things might have been formed out of clay in an Electric Universe event? Why is this bit of Blue Clay found buried in a multi-material rock just above the area? How, in the photograph on the right, has this rock formed with the Blue Clay as part of it?

Rocks and any material can be changed under pressure, heat and energy. Plasma pinches created immense electromagnetic fields within a tight area. Aluminium is obtained from its ore (bauxite) by using electricity. That is why Aluminium smelters are the world's biggest users of electricity. X-rays are used to change precious gemstones. Magnetic fields change the structure of things including crystals.

Does this area also help to explain the Birth Of Soil/Dust? Materials like clay, soil, minerals, water can be formed anywhere there is EU activity. Dust is found everywhere and soil eventually covers everything? Dust is created in space by EU events, dust is found everywhere and has been seen coming from "quasars".

The Birth Of Rock and Death Coral

death coral (coralloids) formation process explained - photograph from the Purificacion area in Northern Mexico a variation of death coral or similar? found near the outdoor stalagmites at powergon icke

Death Coral is a very strange coralloid (cave formation). Geology has no actual explanation (only guesses) for what look like floor stalagmites but can not be as they are sharp and there are no stalactites found on the roof above. They just seem to have appeared or formed there. Is there anything like this found outside that is called something different? Can the Powergon Icke stalagmites start to explain how and why Death Coral has formed? Are these actually Death Stalagmites?

Death coral is an unusual form of coralloid found in the caves of the Purification area in northern Mexico. They occur in a great many shapes and sizes, always on the floor. The reason for their unique forms is not clear, as their means of formation is speculative. Most coralloids develop above water, from thin films of seeping, calicte-laden water. Since death coral is always found on the floor, they are most likely formed below water. On the other hand, subaqueous coralloids tend to be more rounded, while death coral is, as the name implies, sharp-edged. The mystery of death coral's formation is a problem waiting to be solved. virtual cave (coralloids) - goodearthgraphics .com

Was just this area or the whole of Malta part of an Electric Universe Event with all its energy and forces? Qolla Icke with its stone cladding may be proof of this. Is the fact that Cart Ruts now lead off the cliff tops of the Ras Il-Pellegrin headland proof that a natural or induced terraforming event occurred in Malta's past? Where did all the "Temple Builders" suddenly go? Why did the small islands of Gozo and Malta have so many temples? Was Malta the land of Temples, the island of Atlantis and was then hit by a catastrophe?

Could these either outdoor stalagmites or mineral deposits have been formed more recently? This bit of Blue Clay is unlikely to have been in this spot for millennia, although the fact that it is fried or has been changed might mean it has hardened enough to last a long time. Could the minerals be created in an exchange with the Electric Earth and the Electric Universe in part of the great Electric exchange and circuit? Are these stalagmites found here because they are close to Qolla Icke and the sandstone spits?

Is this small area an energy exchange point or was it hit by lightning and this created the changes?

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