Electrical Tree(ing) - Poppie
natural discharge or a rock?
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Illogical geological but what else is there?
Wind and Water gaps, the Tibetan Plateau etc.. what if there was a logical alternative?

natural Electrical Tree (ing)
Natural discharge in an Electric Universe or just normal everyday geology?
Erosion? Electric discharge/breakdown?
What gelogical process can form this shape but not affect the area around it?
What Don't You See?
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what else don't you see?

Electric Tree - natural electrical discharge - Poppie

A rock line that looks like a natural electrical discharge and breakdown, similar to a Bow Tie Tree. How is the rock at its end so smooth if this is a geological process? Poppie also shows signs of electrical plating or conversion of the limestone rock.

Natures Electrical Tree

Electr Tree rock - is this line found near Paceville in Malta (Pembroke), a natural electric dischargeElectrical treeing in the form of a Bow Tie tree. Is this normal geology of an electric discharge/breakdown in an Electric Universe?

The Poppie line appears to be a natural electrical discharge and has the shape and look of one, if scaled up in an Electric Universe. The line and bulbous end or footprint is similar to the Reg. Poppie is found close to Reg on the same rolling hill top at Pembroke.

natural electric discharge seen in rock - electric trees and electrics breakdown

Maybe Poppie is a starter discharge line and Reg is the more developed version? Poppie seems different though as it is around and may be between other powerlines.

Discharge footprint or normal geology

electric treeing photographed in nature - an electric breakdown or discharge creating one part of a bow-tie tree. or just geology found in Maltavented tree / bow tie / electrical treeing / geology ? crazy electric universe or simple normal geology

This area of Poppie looks like an electric discharge figure, similar to a Bow Tie Tree. If rock is changed, shaped or formed by an electrical process then the areas between the tree "roots" has filled out.

footprint of electrical discharge treeing known as Reg, photographed on the island of Malta, Pembroke

If the breakdown continued long enough or the power was much greater it may continue being created and grow into a shape like Reg (EYE photograph album of Reg)

Ley Line of Lightning or local Telluric Currents?

madliena tower in the background at Ras Lirqieqa - also a possible Ley Line of llightning creating a natural Electric Tree dischargeleylineoflightning or a local electrical telluric current discharge

The Electric Tree line of Poppie seems to either be the end section of a feeder/branch line or the start. It may of course just be one section and continue along the rolling hill top at Pembroke. The hill top itself may be a "baby" escarpment. To the west, if it is a continuation of the line, Poppie goes into FUR and other Electroblemes, it has sections of much thicker Grey Rock. At the end of the Poppie electric tree there is a large area of chaotic limestone rock (FUR). This may be either a EDM area of the discharge with pitting etc or it may be the other end of the Bow Tie tree. How is this area created when around it is the line of Poppie, fairly smooth rock and then a very smooth slab?


One end of an electric Bow Ties Tree seen in nature - caused by an electrical breakdown and discharge in an Electrical UniverseElectric plating seen in a natural process or altered rock through the application or withdrawal of energy

At the end or start of Poppie is found this amazing smooth slab of limestone rock. It curve gentle and even has a "crease" or ridge line at its southern end. The smoothness of this rock stands out in an area of crazy rocks. What geological process can form Poppie, FUR and then this peaceful smoothEIE slab of rock? What natural process creates the smoothness and curves? Are the curves a mini view of how rolling hills or landscapes are created in an Electrical Universe? Is it smooth rock being warped by the energy of the electrical discharge or by frequencies?

Poppie's smoothEIE is not the only smooth and curving slab of limestone rock found in the area. There are at least 2 more of these, with one of them in a location that defies all (sick) geological logic.

The edge of Poppies smoothEIE is plated or transformed into the special Grey Rock, this coating is a very different colour grey to the rest of the slab. This Grey Rock is on the outside of the power lines and stubs on Pembroke and also where you find Electroblemes near the Cart Ruts of Malta.

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