Reg - normal geology or
natural discharge/power line?
image linking to Discussion on gEUlogy article, posting or chatLocal Telluric Current electrical discharge seen in limestone rockAmazing Malta rock line photographed near Pembroke Barracks on the Island of Maltaimage linking to Discussion on gEUlogy article, posting or chat
Ever thought about geology...
not making much sense?
gEUlogy - what you see is what we got

Geology or gEUlogy?
What geological process creates this shape but not affect its local area?
limestone mini outcrop or EU?
Just normal geology? Or a discharge shape in an Electrical Universe
Illogical geological but what else is there?
Wind/Water gaps, Tibetan Plateau etc. What if there was a logic alternative?

Reg - stunning geology or something else?

A stunning limestone rock formation standing out in its local area. A footprint at one end and a line triangle at the other end.

Electrical/Plasma/Energy discharge shape in an Electrical Universe? Strange rock formation photographed on the Maltese IslandsElectrical Trees or discharge line in an Electrical Universe. Unusual limestone musical note rock found on Malta

Why is this line so unique in its local area? What possible standard geology process can form this? Around the area is normal ground, some FUR and then other electroblemes. One is similar to Reg.

Outstanding rock outcrop or Birth Of Rock near Pembroke Town on the Island of MaltaA limestone power rock line that looks like a musical note. Foto taken on the Island of Malta near the Mediterranean Sea

The line has been formed by some process but the normal idea of erosion, stress or fold does not seem likely. The ground around Reg is not raised but there is pitted limestone rock. To the north of it there are other electroblems and different rock lines.

The start or end of the line

Electrics discharge or breakdown naturally creating one part of a Bow Ties TreeElectrical discharge footprint, the breakdown creating this amazing line known as Reg

The line starts or ends at a bulbous point. How or why was this shape left? If the line was not left then how did this end form and a line attach to it?

A discharge or power line forming a similar shape to the Mount Erebus Ice Tongue if it is an Electrical Universe and things are scalable

The defined line is raised up from the surrounding area. Beside some of the line there is FUR. Why is the rest of the area not the same? Slight protrusions can be seen on on its sides. If things are scalable in an Electric Universe is this similar to the Erebus Ice Tongue shape? The Altantic volcanic Mount Erebus Ice Tongue is an exchange of energy. Was, or is, this shape formed when there is a release of energy? The shape is similar to the pattern seen in leaves.


Malta rock lines creating a triangle shape on Pembroke rolling hill topCurling or curving rock line - Pembroke, Malta a good vista

Near the west end of Reg (towards the road) a short straight thin line branches of in a SW direction. There is also a similar parallel line branching off Reg further down, going up in the NE direction. The western end of Reg curls back round and merges into the ground. The flat rock it morphs into seems to join up with the SE branching line and outlines a largish triangle shape.


grau power rock line with a view of Portomaso turm in the background

Grey Rock lines extend all over this rolling hill top at Pembroke. The appear to be mostly parallel. Why and how can these lines not just be parallel but be of the same material and in distinct variations of form?

SnakePlisken rocks!
The end of the lines for Geology?

Power line - Poppie
Electric rock Tree

Power line - Douglas
|| + \ = N or 2Vs?

Birth Of Boulders
and God said "Electric rocks!"
and it was so

Power line - Sophie
Normal geology?

Powergons and lines
Malta - Iwan

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