Power line - Sophie and
electrical discharge?
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Triangle rock shape?
Why is there a solid triangle shape at the end of this line of Grey Rock?
Why does Grey Rock have branch lines?
What do these feeder lines have to do with the Erebus Ice Tongue?
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power rock line - Sophie - electrical discharge?

electrical treeing (electrical tracking) discharge or normal geology shaped triangle rockelectrics discharge from a plug

A Grey Rock line that extends around the side of the Pembroke rolling hill, Malta. Various sections make up the line. This short ridge line stub is not the only one of this type found on the hill. How were they formed or why are the left?

Electrical breakdown/discharge or geology?

#strange triangle shape rock on the end of rock line - near the Verdala International School in Pembroke Malta

This section of the Sophie line and area is a short Grey Rock ridge line with a triangle foot at one end. It stands out in its local area. It is very defined with sharp lines and edges.

Erosion triangle? photographed near Saint Andrews, Pembroke, Malta

The triangle is very prominent. If this is erosion, fault lines, stress lines or some other form of geology how has this unnatural shape been formed? How do you get a triangle at the end of a oblong tube? On one side of this small but thick Grey Rock line there may be more triangles but less defined.

rock oblong similar to the Erebus Ice Tongue if everything is scalable in an Electrical Universe. Near Spinach Fitness Club, Pembroke in MaltaAnt Hills in Malta made from the red soil

Coming off the sharp block is an angled line. Similar feeder/branch lines can be found on other Grey Rock ridges. If everything is scalable in an Electric Universe are they a variation of the Volcano Mount Erebus Ice Tongue lines in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, that branch off it?

There seems to be a triangle shape of rock attached to the branch line but it needs to be investigated further. It is not as spectacular as the triangle end and more of a ground discharge event.

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Bow Ties electrical treeing (tracking) discharge image

Electrical Treeing is a form of electrical discharge. It can occur over a long time period or very quickly, depending on the breakdown factors. There are a number of types of breakdown types including Brush, Bow Ties and, of course in a gEUlogy world, Lichtenberg Figures (Mountains). Telluric Currents flow through the earth and are used by geophysicists. Is Sophie and the other Grey Rock lines on Malta a result of a local Telluric Current discharging itself or the result of a Plasma Discharge Event?

"Electrical treeing first occurs and propagates when a dry dielectric material is subjected to high and divergent electrical field stress over a long period of time...Electrical treeing or "Lichtenberg figures" also occur in High-voltage equipment just before breakdown." Wikipedia - Electrical Treeing

Part of a Bow Tie electrical discharge or just an electrical trees breakdownBrush electrical discharge pattern from a plug

At the moment, the Brush and Bow Tie electrical discharges would seem to be the favourites for the formation of the triangles at the ends of the Grey Rock ridge line stubs found at Pembroke. The easiest way to describe how some of them look is that they look similar to animals web feet, having "toes" or lines radiating outwards with the area between filled in.

All of the lines on this hill in Pembroke may have been formed by some "normal" geology event but it seems unlikely due to the parallel and perpendicular nature of the lines and the physical similarity of the lines. If they were not created by a normal process what did cause them?

How were they formed and when were they formed? Are they still being formed? Sophie is one of the very few where you can actually see inside the rock line. Most of them have a very solid covering surface with no signs of erosion breakdown. They look as if they were made recently or are renewing themselves. If these were created by forces many years ago they should show signs of some sort of material breakdown. Especially the sharpness of the lines and contours, should this not have been rounded down?

If they were formed in an Electrical Universe was it either very quickly or over a long period of time?

Of course there is another thing that has to be considered, especially on the Island of Temples that is Malta. Are theses parallel ridge lines man made or man encouraged? Either created through Torba or the line layout used for a similar purpose to the "Temples" and also most of the ancient buildings around the world. If you do not believe they were Temples but were designed and built to harness the natural power of an Electric Universe.


Negative Lichtenberg Figure or brain pattern seen on a rockFossils in Limestone rock on Pembroke rolling hill top in Malta?

This pattern is found on most ridge lines and a lot of Electroblemes in Malta. I have not seen it on "normal" rock but it may appear on it somewhere. This stub of Sophie has this Grey Rock pattern which looks similar to a brain, a negative Lichtenberg Figure (patern) or brain coral. The white fossils are interesting as they are found in certain sections of the hill top and on the lower levels. They look like fossils yet you find this white material in lines or specks of "plating". This plating may be a different material but it looks similar. If Pembroke Hill was created in an Electric Universe then electrical plating would be one thing that may occur and you would expect to see it near objects that show EU signs.

The follow through, if the white circles are fossils, is are some shell fossils created by EU? They are formed out of natural material and most seem to follow natural numbers like the Fibonacci spiral for example.

Pot Stones in Malta? Non flint Paramoudras?

Are these pot stones, also known as Paramoudras? Potstones are normally giant flint concretions but this stone is made of limestonePot Stone made of limestone and not flint? Photographed in Malta

Pot Stones, also known as Paramoudras, are normally giant flint concretions found around Europe but especially North Norfolk in East Anglia, England. The beach below Beeston Bump in Norfolk has Paramoudras (pot stones), flint circles and strange flint backbones. In an Electric Universe everything is scalable and location will effect the local gEUlogy but similar forms will be formed. This is why so many areas in the world have similar landscapes. Why are Gemstones, so rare and precious, found around the world. The slight variation in colour and crystal size due to the electrical discharge and local conditions when they were formed where they are found in the ground.

If it is an Electrical Universe then you should be able to find local variations of the same thing. Maybe this is a Maltese potstone. This pot stone was found along the main Sophie line in an area that looks formed by gEUlogy.