Power lines - Douglas and
Sun Halo's
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Amazing rock power lines
How is this erosion? Are these electric treeing discharge lines?
Sun Halo's
Are these purely optical or do Electric Cloud lines create a special discharge?
Clapham Junction, Malta - Cart Ruts
Photo guide and pathfinder to the largest site of Cart Ruts and geology mysteries

Power lines - Pembroke hill - Douglas and Sun Halo's

Amazing rock lines found on top of a rolling hill. These Grey Rock ridge lines are parallel with each other but they appear to be on a "grid" as there are perpendicular thinner feeder lines between them. This line ends in a V or triangle.

>----< Discharge lines?

Electric Universe discharge lines along Ley Lines in Maltarock n roll with sharp angle - Malta

Douglas is a distinct ridge line running along the side of the hill. The rock line itself is thick, wide and flat but all around it the rock is chaotic FUR. The 2 ends of this section (it may continue across the road) are different. One ends in a fascinating < or Z shape. The end closest to the road has angled rock both of the ridge line itself and a lump or rock above it. Is this at the Golden Angle?

X marks the spots

leyline of singularity in and Electric Universe or some form of erosion, fold or stress line in a geology VerseX or + marks the spots or micro craters. Why are micro craters found at the nexus of these perpendicular lines on Malta?

Lines appear as a grid on the side of the hill. Where 2 lines meet, one the ridge line Douglas and another a "feeder" line, you find the start of a micro-crater. There are a number of examples of micro-craters, bowls occuring where lines meet to form an X or +. Is the micro-crater an Electrobleme resulting from the lines nexus, an EDM pit or who knows? In the example of Douglas the crater is in the bottom right hand sector of the photo or roughly SE.

Erosion, discharge line or Ley Line?

The old straight track - is it just strange geology in a straight line, Ley Lines or electrical treeing in and Electric Universe?Erosion gone MIA or walkabouts? Why is this line so smooth and wide yet the rock around it is FUR?

The fact that there are a number of these ridge lines parallel to each other in one section reduces the chance it is erosion. Why and how could erosion leave these so smooth yet the rock around them is total FUR? There has to be a reason these ridge lines are so defined and found in this pattern? Were they formed by an electric discharge, electrical treeing, either very quickly or over a long time? Were they natural mini Telluric Currents that could be called Ley Lines and the rock was formed on those lines.
Is the Birth of Rock still happening? This Grey Rock does not seem to look worn or eroded or breaking up. It seems to be intact, smooth and very defined. As if nothing has eroded it since it was formed, it was formed very recently or it renews itself.

|| + \ = N = 2V?

Nexus point for powerlines on Pembroke rolling hill top.  Lines creating a Z shapeThe nexus point - amazing smooth area between the lines when all around is chaotic

If you have 2 parallel lines "| |" and a feeder line at an angle like "\" connects them you make a "N" shape which is also a "Z" depending on how you look at it. The "\" line creates 2 sort of "V" shapes. At the end (or the start?) of Douglas there is a Z shape formed with a "feeder line" to a much smaller parallel line below it. This area seems to be a nexus junction which may explain the crazy geology around it.

Does || + \ = Z or 2V's?  Nexus point of the rock power lines.  Do they end or start here?

The lower < section of the Z is filled with rock (the Birth of Rock) and then the ground is very flat rock compared to the rest of the chaos surrounding it. Between these 2 distinct parts is a small lump of rock that can be explained when you look at the lines creating this end of Douglas.

Micro slot canyons, thermal stressed rock or geology?

Slot canyons, folds, leylines of the meek, fault lines, thermal stressed rock, EDM. Geology?Micro canyon, slot canyons, geology? Why are these same shapes found near Clapham Junction Cart Ruts in Malta?

These lines of raised limestone rock are very unusual in the area. They seem to only appear in a few set patterns. This is as either very straight perpendicular lines between the ridge lines or as feeder lines between the ridges. Another formation is tht these raised lines also go as feeders between themselves. As shown in this set of lines.
These same types of lines can be found making up the Cart Ruts rectangles at Clapham Junction, miles away. Some of these are perfect squares.

Perfect rectangles and squares found at Clapham Junction, Malta.  What formed them both has to be the same process.

Effective Cause - slot canyons are said to be the result of water erosion yet are found in areas with very little rain fall. Flash flooding being the main suspected culprit but is it a case of "Is the river there because of the valley or is the valley there because of the river". Water may use and shape these slot canyons now but did it actually form them in the first place?

Sun Halo's and is the lower floor on fire?

Sun Halo's photographed in Malta. Electric Clouds line between the Sun and the groundIs the lower floor of this house on fire? Or do I not like sunrises

Sun Halo's are a purely optical effect. Are you so sure? Even the reduction in light should make a difference to the energy (electrical) flow to those in its path. Birds going quiet during an eclipse of the sun. I seem to feel or sense Sun Halo's. I have been been looking down at my beloved rocks for ages then suddenly feel that I have to look up and there is a Sun Halo. I have even been indoors and rushed upstairs with my camera not knowing why but knowing that something was happening.

Is it because there is a slight change in my own local Electric Universe? Sun Halo's appear supposedly due to ice crystals. But is it the same type of cloud or conditions that create them? Clouds are Electric so do certain types of Electric Clouds create Sun Halo's? If you look at this photograph of the same Sun Halo you can see that between the Sun and the ground is a special type of Electric Cloud seen in Malta. This is a very thin line with strands, feeder lines or cloud around the tight line.

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