Qolla Bajda - The White Butte - Marsalforn, Gozo, Malta
image linking to Discussion on gEUlogy article, posting or chatMarsalforn, Xwejni Bay and the outstanding Bajda Qolla (White Hill)Marsalforn, Xwejni Bay - iron rods sticking out of Il-Qolla il-Bajda. Iron stones and concretions are also found in the White Butteimage linking to Discussion on gEUlogy article, posting or chat
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The White Qolla - Qolla Bajda
One of the odd hills in the "Haven of Hillocks" area around Marsalforn

Any old iron?
Iron Rods, concretions and Ironstones
found in and below Qolla Bajda

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Qolla Bajda - The White Qolla - Marsalforn, Gozo

Marsalforn, Xwejni Bay - the stunning and puzzling Il-Qolla il-Bajda (White Knoll)

Standing sentry to the bays of Marsalforn, this Qolla (odd shaped hillocks/buttes) is one of a number in the area known as "the haven of the hillocks". The strange Qollas are unique hills on the island of Gozo compared to the other hills found there. Different colours and twisting shapes. What natural processes has created them?

Geology forum - DIScussion on Qolla Bajda and other Qollas found in Gozo and Malta. Also Buttes around the world.

The White Hillock/Butte (Tony)

Il-Qolla l-Bajda is found between Xwejni Bay (Ix-Xwejni) and Qbajjar Bay (IL-Bajja Tal-Qbajjar). Il-Qolla il-Bajda is called the White Hillock as it is formed out of varying light gray clay with a pale yellow sandstone top. This Qolla has the classic Maltese "hill top" shape with a slab of material on its top. It is like a smaller (earlier) version of them but formed from a different material, or, what the larger hills are built around?

Xwejni Bay and Beach is great place to spend a day. You have restaurants close by and a good beach (for Malta and Gozo) that is not just a sandstone outcrop. The rocky beach is covered with interesting stones, these are multicoloured. Where in a limestone/sandstone island do all these stones come from and why do so many of them have a mixture of materials?

Marsalforn, Gozo, Qbajjar bay - Qolla Safra meaning yellow hill due to its sandstone and strange twisted shape

From Il-Qolla il-Bajda you can visit the Xwejni Battery (Qolla il-Bajda Battery) and across the Qbajjar Bay you can view the stunning il-Qolla s-Safra

The White Butte

Gozo, Marsalforn, beach with Qolla Bajda (White Hill)

The White Mound itself is made of different layers and is distinclty different to the area around it.

Qolla Bajda at Xwejni beach and bay, Gozo - layared clay nodules

The top section of Il-Qolla Bajda is in 2 parts, one created of stones or nodular clay in layered bands and resting on top of this is the what seems to be a very pale yellow sandstone. This top slab is larger than the "stoney" layer below it. The sandstone may merge into the white clay due to it being stopped during its transormation.

Any old iron?

The White Hillock or Qolla at Xwejni beach and bay, Marsalforn, Gozo

In the sides of the Xwejni Qolla can be found large nodules, made of iron and different coloured clays. They vary in size and shape but most are fairly round. The insides of these vary, most are grey clay but you can sometimes find tiny black stones/flakes and crystals.

natural iron rods mystery - sticking out of Qolla Bajda (White Butte), near Marsalforn beach, Gozo iron stones found at Marsalforn Bay, Gozo - Qolla Bajda (White Knoll)

The sandstone layers that the Qolla has formed on also contain ironstones, these can be seen sticking out of the rock. Some are in iron bar shapes but most are rough iron stones. Iron rods are one of the worlds mysteries, appearing protruding out of temples in India and places in China. Some maybe man made but others appear natural.

There are no natural mineral deposits on Malta yet iron is found everywhere. Especially where there is suspected Electric Universe activity.

The haven of hillocks

Marsalforn Beach and bay, Gozo and the puzzling il-qolla l-bajda (White odd shaped hillock)

The whole area and especially the Xwejni inlet shows EU activity. There may be "baby" versions of Il-Qolla il-Bajda very close by on the Xwejni beach.

The White Qolla (Tony) would appear to be one of the earlier stages of Qolla formation. Perhaps the core that The Yellow Qolla (il-Qolla s-Safra) is built around.

Marsalforn Beach and Bay area, the twisting Yellow Hill - Qolla Safra (Kate)

They both have a grey clay base and yellow sandstone attached to them. The top slab of Qolla Safra (Kate) is different to the base it rests on.

The Saviours Hill (Tas-Salvatur Hill) with statue of Jesus on the top. Copy of Rio de Janeiro Jesus Christ statue also on a hill top

The next stage of the Qolla creation is Tal-Merzuq Hill (Ray of Light Hill), also known as Tas-Salvatur Hill. Qolla Merzuq (JK) has a yellow sandstone core and the same slanting slab top as well as a twisted appearances.

These 3 Qollas (4 if you count the Red Qolla that I have not located yet) are found in a curving line on Gozo, each getting larger along the line. Are they the anchor points for the forces that created them, either where the electrical forces concentrated or jumping along?

The formation process seems to go in phases from Tony to Kate to JK. If these are a unique type of hill there may not be a next stage. They could though be the start of the "normal" escarpement type hills seen in Gozo and Malta. These have a slab of rock at the top of them that does not quite seem to fit the hill.

Seen one Butte, seen them all?

Soda Butte Creek Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park,USA - A Qolla by any other name... The White Hillock or Qolla at Xwejni beach and bay, Marsalforn, Gozo
Soda Butte, Yellowstone National Park, USA and the White Butte, Gozo

If the same shape is found around the world in areas with varying conditions then the same force seems to have appeared to form them. Local conditions will slightly change the form and the material but not the general process. It is unlikely to be weathering, erosion etc as this will be very different in all the locations so the force could be "external". Are they formed in an Electric Universe?

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