Pine Valley Mountains + Laccoliths
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gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth..
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Pine Valley Mountains and Laccoliths

The Pine Valley Mountains Laccolith near St George, Utah, Usa are perhaps the largest 'Laccolith' in the world. Strange geology is found around the whole area and this even includes minerals such as silver sandstone and the very rare Red Beryl precious gemstone.

Pine Valley Mountains - Laccolith

Pine Valley Mountains Laccolith at sunset near St George, Utah, USA black and white photo of snow covered pine valley mountain laccolith in winter - Utah, America

Pine Valley Mountains are a Laccolith, one of the largest. Utah has other large Laccolith including the Henry Mountains. Laccolith are extremely interesting but a real puzzle to Geologists. They are supposedly formed by an intrusion of one type of rock into another. Normally something like igneous (molten lava) into layers of sedimentary rock. The problem is that the outer layers forming these intrusions have nearly all dissapeared. Leaving mountains that look like normal mountains but of a different structure to the surrounding area.

Devils Tower, Wyoming - Laccolith

Laccolith Devils Tower national monument, Wyoming, USA

Another example of a Laccolith is Devils Tower in Wyoming. It looks like the finished product. Somehow its outer casing has been eroded away but left a fantatsic structure. The rest of the area seems to look normal. If the whole area was covered with another layer, how come it looks so normal? The same as an area that was not covered.

If it walks like a Duck, sounds like a Duck and looks like a Duck...

pine valley mountains, Utah -  sandstone in the foreground - the PVMS are one of the largest laccoliths in America and the world

The Pine Valley Mountains look like normal mountains because they are normal mountains. The only reason they are not "normal" mountains is because Geology says they can not be. This has caused some brilliant explanations for the creation of them and others like them. Maybe it is simple. gEUlogy says they are normal mountains like all the other mountains around them and around the world.

What has caused Geology to tell the Earth it does not know what it is doing and is wrong? The mineral they are made up of (granite) is different to the red/orange sandstone that the rest of the area is mainly composed or covered with. Red sandstone is a special sign of Electric Universe activity, as seen all over the world.

Although the PVM's appear to be normal mountains rising out of the landscape they can not be "normal" because the material they are made of, in its location, does not allow for this. What You See Is What You Get. The rock was changed when the mountains were formed. Notice that they are like a Lichtenberg Pattern, which is the discharge of electrical charge/current.

pine valley mountains laccolith st george, utah, usa - terrain and topography maps

If the Pine Valley Mountain are Laccolith's then how do they look like normal mountains, how do they have a ridge, how has the Pine Valley itself been eroded away, how do ridges/valleys cut across each other...

How, what and when was all this mad Geology Formed?

The answer to all the crazy Geology, minerals and topography in the whole area is due to the formation of the Grand Canyon. If you have ever been there you will still be puzzled how did that river create that amazing hole in the ground. Is the river there because of the Valley or is the Valley there because of the River?

The Grand Canyon lightning strike pattern (lichtenberg figure)- terrain and topography map#

The Grand Canyon is an EDM event on a Grand scale. It looks like a lightning strike because it was caused in the same way. What Don't You See?