Giant fulgurites or natural electrical discharges?
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Giant fulgurites or geology?
Natural electrical discharges or mega lightning strike formations?

Malta's Limestone Heritage
Evidence of repeated Catastrophes that struck Malta in the past?

It's an Electric Universe
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giant fulgurites or natural electrical discharges? Malta's limestone heritage

electric discharge limestone heritage park rabat mdina

Are these giant fulgurites in limestone rock or natural electrical discharges found on the island of Malta? These amazing limestone formations literally stand out in their location near the Bingemma Gap (Victoria Lines) Cart Ruts. They look similar to electrical discharges patterns, either an Electric Tree or from a lightning strike.

These giant fulgurites extend another 100 meters towards Nadur Tower and can also be found a couple of 100 meters the opposite way past the Cart Ruts. This would suggest evidence of a massive natural electric discharge event in an Electric Universe.

Are they a discharge or could they be some form of natural 'electric mineral plating' or birth of rock?

Malta's Limestone Heritage - giant fulgurites or electrical discharges? Geology or gEUlogy?

fulgurites lightning discharges limestone heritage malta park rabat
fulgurites? lightning discharges in limestone

These giant fulgurites or electrical discharge limestone lines are a shocking site to see. The main ones in this small section are massive and at the sides you have the tendrils. If you follow the lines up towards Nadur Tower you can follow the route the mega lightning or electric discharges took.

In this section the lines either join up or split apart. Notice the line in the middle. If these are geology then why is it not extending further? Geology suggests all limestone is a natural deposit. How were these deposited in these amazing ridges yet to the side it is normal?

giant fulgurites lightning strikes limestone heritage malta park bingemma fort malta fulgurites maltas limestone heritage park
giant fulgurites formed by mega lightning strikes or natural electric discharge?

The long raised lines or ridges of these fulgurites can be seen easily in this field near Bingemma Fort. They look very much like a lightning strike or electric discharge pattern which has raised the limestone mineral.

kuncizzjoni church malta fulgurites malta experience limestone heritage fulgurites limestone ghemien palace  malta experience limestone heritage
maltas natural limestone heritage - near Kuncizzjoni church

The Electric Universe event could perhaps have deposited the limestone or formed it following the electric pathways. Either a Birth of Rock or a natural process of electrical mineral plating. This natural Limestone Heritage park of Malta is near the Ghemien Palace.

fulgur thunderbolt fulgurites mineraloid limestone heritage park malta mdina massive fulgurites discharges europe  malta experience tour limestone heritage park
massive fulgur (latin for thunderbolt) - mineraloid fulgurites

These limestone lines appear to be a form of Fulgur which are formed by intense electrical discharges. We associate fulgurites with lightning as that is how we see fulgurites being formed. But fulgurites can be formed by any energetic release of plasma (electrically charged gas) and for example Nuclear bombs form fulgurites and desert glass.

Desert glass is found around the world and geology says it has to be formed by meteorite impacts. It could be formed by high energy plasma discharges in an Electric Universe.

Electric Universe discharges and Malta's Catastrophes

limestone heritage park malta mdina rabat carparking exhibitions
Malta's natural Limestone Heritage Park near Rabat (Mdina)

Catastrophes have struck the earth on a regular basis, hence our ancestors tales of the Sky Gods (planets) hurling thunderbolts at each other and celestial wars. Why would they suggest this when today the planets are so small in the sky and so boring? Unless in the past the planet Gods did hurl thunderbolts at each other in the form of massive electrical discharges. Think about when you get an electric shock from a metal object then multuply it to planetary scale.

electrical trees fiddien reservoir malta experience valletta limestone heritage park mdina rabat
Electric Trees (electrical treeing)? near Fiddien Reservoir Malta

Malta has its own evidence of catastrophe. In the past the 'Temple Builders' dissapeared and the buildings suffered from intense heat damage. On 23rd November 1343 Malta suffered an incredible tempest that formed the Il-Maqluba crater. This may also be linked to the Ray of Light coming out of Tal-Merzuq (Tas-Salvatur Hill) in Gozo and the other 'volcano' legend at Gnejna Bay.

giant fulgurites rock lines malta experiences natural limestone heritage park
giant fulgurites or Electric Universe discharge?

These limestone formations and whatever process formed them would appear to be more evidence of either an Electric Universe discharge event on Malta or as part of a larger catastrophe to strike the island. They are certainly Electric Universe gEUlogy and not geology.

Another article with more images of these lines - unusual limestone formations

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