St Mark's Tower (Qalet Marku), Bahar ic-Caghaq, Malta
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St Mark's Tower | Qalet Marku | Bahar ic-Caghaq

St Marks Qalet Marku Tower de Redin Qrejten Point Knights of Malta

St Mark's Tower, called Qalet Marku in Maltese is found on the rolling hill island of Qrejten Point, Bahar ic-Caghaq, Malta. Saint Mark's Tower is a small but impressively sturdy looking de Redin Watchtower and still in good condition.

What is more more fascinating than St Mark's Tower is the curious point/spit it is located on and the strange geology that is found there.

St Mark's Tower and Qrejten Point gEUlogy

Qalet Marku Tower St Marks Grand Master Martin de Redin fortification malta St Marks Tower Bahar ic Caghaq Qrejten Point malta

St Mark's Tower is found at Qrejten Point, it looks like a small island attached to the mainland. It also looks like the shallow top of a "rolling hill". All over Qrejten Point are limestone lines, that look like the outline of lightning strikes or Lichtenberg Figures. There are also very straight lines and boxes. In between these thick lines, straight narrow lines are crazy FUR rock.

These lines are either natural, man made or man encouraged. If they are natural then what on this geology Earth could create or leave them? If they are man made then what/when/who? If they are man encouraged then why/how did man help nature to create/form these amazing lines?

it is interesting to note that in many locations of the towers built in the 17th century, Medieval watch posts or towers existed previously. This could suggest that the towers built under Grand Masters Wignacourt, Lascaris and de Redin were intended to augment and fortify pre-existing coastal defences
Malta’s coastal watch towers |

Are the strange lines found around St Mark's Tower variations of the other amazing straight rock lines/grids found near Pembroke? Are they formed through the same process as rock lines such as SnakePlissken?

Qalet Marku near the Mediterraneo Marine Park and the Splash and Fun Water Park, Malta

Mediterraneo Marine Park Bahar ic Caghaq Malta Saint St Marks Tower Saint St Marks Tower Qalet Marku de Redin towers 13 Bahar ic Caghaq

Qalet Marku (St Mark's Tower), Bahar ic-Caghaq, Malta is located near 2 of Malta's most popular tourist attractions and days out. The Mediterraneo Marine Park has sea life/animals on display and performing entertaining shows. If you book ahead you can even swim with the Dolphins!

Splash & Fun Water Park is next to the Mediterraneo Marine Park at Bahar ic-Caghaq and is perfect to cool down and have some fun in the hot Maltese summers.

Splash and Fun Water Park Bahar ic Caghaq Malta St Marks Watchtower Qalet Marku St Saint Marks WatchTower fortification island Malta Bahar ic-Caghaq

Saint Mark's Tower is an old Maltese fortification built by the Knights of Malta. Grand Master Martin de Redin paid for its construction and all of the thirteen de Redin towers. The chain of de Redin Watchtowers are all in line of sight of each other, so a warning of any suspicous or invading ships would be communicated along the de Redin towers using a signal fire.

Malta's Towers are preserved by Din l-Art Helwa who you can also contact to arrange private visits to the Watchtowers. If St Mark's Tower or any of the other Towers have a white flag raised then they have been opened for visitors.

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