Natural Stone Balls / concretions | Tarxien Temples & Dingli Malta
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Natural Stone Balls of Malta
Malta has balls, stone balls - our these world unique limestone balls?
Stone Balls: Fawwara & Tarxien Temples
Tarxien Temples Malta has stone balls - are these all man made or natural?
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Natural Stone Balls | Tarxien Temples and Dingli Malta

maltas stone balls round limestone spheres shapes natural not man made il-fawwara tarxien temples complex malta

At the Tarxien Temple complex on the Island of Malta you will find lots of stone balls. These are said to have been carved to use to transport the massive limestone blocks by the Temple Builders. At Il-Fawwara, near Dingli Malta, in the headland rock you can find natural (lime)stone balls. Are these unique and found only in Malta?

Are all the Tarxien Temple balls man made stone balls or natural Stone Balls? Were they used to help build the Temples? What else about the Maltese Temples is incorrect? How were these natural Stone Balls or spheres formed and why?

Malta's naturally got balls

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Il-Fawwara near Dingli Malta is more famous for its underground chapel but it is a very interesting area of gEUlogy. MattEU's small balls are found at the end of headland rocks where you notice a line of strangely transformed rock that goes up and over. There is a half formed stone ball near the path at the start of the line.

natural formation of limestone balls temples builders malta sandstone in limestone or different types maltese il fawwara island of malta

This half formed stone ball seems to be attached to either a line of sandstone or very yellow limestone. Whatever created the crazy transformed line will have also formed the natural stone balls or spheres of Malta.

Climbing up a few meters, following the line of unusual transformed rock onto the top of the rock to find more natural Stone Balls.

maltas stone balls round limestone spheres shapes natural not man made il-fawwara tarxien temples complex malta tarxien temples builders stone balls natural malta

There are some individual limestone balls but also a pair that are joined together. There are some "stunts" that are starting to form or growing into something else.

natural spherical limestone balls malta tarxien temples builders

Are the Stone Balls discovered at the Tarxien Temples complex also natural Stone Balls that were dug out from the Island of Malta?

Only in Malta? How are these stone balls formed?

There appears to be no record of natural limestone balls / spheres /concretions found anywhere else in the world. There are other natural Stone Balls in the world. Mexico has immense natural Stone Balls (Piedras Bola), these are found mainly around Ahualulco, Jalisco in Mexico. This blog also has a couple more great photographs of the Mexican Piedras Bolas (natural Stone Balls).

The only mention of natural limestone balls is that they do not exist. The same article is about the Stone Balls at the Tarxien Temples complex, Malta.

In one area rounded limestone balls have been gathered. Not a natural shape for limestone these man-made spheres were used like ball bearings for manoeuvring large slabs. Tarxien has large stone slabbed floors in places, and in one exposed part one of the stone rollers can be seen as it was left in situ when the slab was originally positioned
MALTA: The Limestone Experience - dry-stone

I will visit the Tarxien Temples again to investigate the stone balls found there.

The only mention i did find of limestone balls involves the stone ball of Costa Rica, which may or may not be man made or natural.

Most of the balls are made of a hard, volcanic stone called granodiorite, though a few are composed of coquina, a type of limestone. The quarry from which the granodiorite came is located in the Talamanca mountain range, about 50 miles (80km) from the area where the balls were located
The Stone Balls of Costa Rica - itotd .com

The natural stone concretions / balls found in the Serre d’Autruy hill (Saint-André de Rosans to Col de Palluel road) are found in the sandstone hill. Perhaps the line of yellow rock at il-fawwara is also sandstone and this could help form them? The same website has photographs of the many natural Stone Balls found around the world.

geology fault line malta il-fawwara dingli cliffs

I found these natural limestone balls / concretions by following gEUlogy, which is the Geology of the Earth in an Electric Universe. Walking down the path there is a syncline or fold on the west cliff face. A sure sign of Geology and gEUlogy activity. The South curving cliff face beside the path near the natural Stone Balls (past the "Tanks") looks like a "circular bay" and may have been EDM'd in the same manner.

The rocks near the stone balls has very interesting chert/quartz that looks like it might have been extruded out of the rocks and/or melted down face of the rocks. Then suddenly there is the transformed line of rock where the natural stone balls are found. What is this line doing there, how could it be explained in a Gravity Universe?

Electrical currents and lightning follow narrowish paths and lightning (plasma) does make balls or spherical shapes and z-pinches. Could a variation of electrically charged plasma (lightning) be the force that created the balls and changed the rock? Or was it from within the Earth itself, perhaps a local smaller version of a Telluric Current powered up by some event? Is it gEUlogy and not Geology, is it an Electric Universe?

Where are MattEU's small balls found?

il fawwara malta geology syncline fold tanks larders temple builders phoenicians il-fawwara malta underground chapel geology limestone bay cliff face

Malta's natural Stone Balls can be found on the west coast of Malta near Dingli Cliffs. Drive along the coast road until you come to Il-Fawwara and there is a narrow headland jutting out. Walk down the path and on your left you will see the curved cliff face (or circular Bay?), the headland rock will be on your right and before the path twists to go down the cliff face you will spot the protruding rock and the line of different rock. On Google Earth the location of these Maltese stone balls are close to 35°50'29.34"N 14°23'55.60"E

Il-Fawwara (Dingli Malta) is also the location of some puzzling "tanks", "stone larders", "water caves", "water cisterns"... no one is really sure what they are for. These can be found in the ground just before the rock of the headland starts. There is also a "window" carved out of the rock with a bench that you can sit down and admire the view.

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