St Peter's Pool Malta | Marsaxlokk Bay (Delimara peninsula)
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Ever thought about geology...
not making much sense?
Is there any alternative?

Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What do you see?

Atoms are electric..
if everything is made of atoms then
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It's not what you think you see...
it's what don't you see.
What else don't you see?

St Peter's Pool Malta near Marsaxlokk Bay

St Peter's Pool Malta is located near Marsaxlokk Bay, Birzebbuga Bay and St Thomas Bay. St Peter's Pool Malta is a stunning area for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling.

St Peter's Pool Malta is not the easiest place to find but it head towards Marsaxlokk Bay and use the map, location or coordinates found on this guide to St Peter's Pool Malta.

St Peter's Pool Malta is located in a small Bay on the Delimara peninsula (east side, opposite to side to Marsaxlokk Bay). Walk or drive to the tall chimney tower beside Marsaxlokk Bay and just past it there is a small sign off to the left for Saint Peters Pool. You can either park near the entrance on the "main road" or go down the very narrow and bumpy dirt road until you come to St Peter's Pool wide car park. Then go along the path in the middle of the car park down to St Peters Pool. Enjoy.

St Peter's Pool Malta is a great place to stop and relax when walking from Birzebbuga/Marsaxlokk, past the impressive and stunning bays of Hofra z-Zghira and Xrob l-Ghagin to St Thomas Bay and Marsascala Creek.

Along a variation of this walk you can cool off and swim at St Peter's Pool Malta while walking between Delimara Tower, Xrob l-Ghagin Tower and the large (for Malta) St Thomas Tower located between St Thomas Bay and Marsascala Creek

St Thomas Tower located between St Thomas Bay and Marsascala Creek is one of the series of Wignacourt towers. Delimara Tower and Xrob l-Ghagin Towerare of of the 13 De Redin towers on malta.