Shrieking Pits Aylmerton and Norfolk | Mini craters or diggings?
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Shrieking Pits Aylmerton and Norfolk | Mini craters or diggings?

shrieking pits norfolk aylmerton

Aylmerton has the most famous shrieking pits in Norfolk because of the great site Hidden East Anglia. Norfolks shrieking pits are found around the county and there are better groups and examples of the shrieking pits elsewhere.

What was the cause for the shrieking pits? Why are they found in groups?
If they are surface iron ore diggings then why are they only round or oval?

Aylmerton Shrieking Pits, Norfolk

aylmerton norfolk shrieking pits location mystery myths ghosts aylmertons shrieking pits map norfolk legends ghosts

Aylmertons shrieking pits are easy to find and see from Church Road and around Gresham Cross (TG181388). Why are the shrieking pits in a cluster here? If they are iron age diggings or even more recent digging for iron ore why is the iron ore only in this spots?

Aylmertons shrieking pits give them the name they are known as because of ghostly tales involving a female ghost.

north norfolks shrieking pits aylmerton images guide electric arc cratering edm dc pitting shrieking pits north norfolk aylmerton

The shrieking pits are similar to Norfolks Meres in shape if perhaps just a smaller size variation of them. Scoulton Mere is very puzzling in its shape and the only suggestion is that it was man made by digging for iron ore. If that is the case and the shrieking pits were created by man then why are all the other shrieking pits in Norfolk of an oval or round shape?

North Norfolk Shrieking Pits nature walk

shrieking pits north norfolk nature walk cromer sheringham guide pdf trek hiking pathways

You can even have a walk in the lovely North Norfolk countryside and visit some of the Shrieking Pits. Nature walks around Cromer and Sheringham can be found here (pdf).

Wretham Meres - are they all Shrieking Pits?

shrieking pits wretham meres area location map

Around Wretham Meres in Norfolk are a lot of shrieking pits. Are they variations of each other? There is a process that could create lots of spots or pits and that is electric arc pitting or cratering.

shrieking pits wretham meres what processes formed them

These shrieking pits are clustered together and must make farming these fields bothersome. The shrieking pits must have been there a long time or they continually create water so there is no point trying to farm them.

shrieking pits dc arc cratering geology geulogy shrieking pits edm arc pitting

These images are closeups of the above group, going from left to right. The oval and round shape is similar to the larger Norfolk Meres and the Breckland Meres. Are they variations of the same theme?

shrieking pits norfolk iron workings diggings stories age shrieking pits north norfolk legends storiesdischarge arc pitting

If this cluster of pits or craters are iron ore diggings why are they so small? How could they be deposited all over Norfolk in the same small shape?

shrieking pits norfolk iron diggings workings shrieking pits intensive farming norfolk images craters

The 2 images above show the shallow crater like nature of the shrieking pits around Wretham Meres Norfolk.

Merton Stone and its Shrieking Pits

shrieking pits norfolk craters merton stone #

The Merton Stone is Norfolks famous 'glacial erratic' that was visited by Charles Lyell and mentioned in his geology book 'The Principals of Geology'. The Merton Stone area also has shrieking pits found around it and the village of Merton has a classic example of a shriking pit which could be a small Norfolk Mere.

How were Norfolks Shrieking Pits created?

wretham meres crater chain

Are Norfolks shrieking pits and Meres variations of other forms of Electric Universe geology (gEUlogy) found around the world?

australian lakes carolinabays meres lunettes

Australian shallow lakes, are they variations of Carolina Bays and Norfolk Meres?

devils punchbowl fowl mere thetford forest norfolk

The kidney shaped image above is of Fowl Mere beside the Norfolks famous Devils Punch Bowl Mere, Thetford. How has geology created these 2 very different shapes next to each other? Unless geology didnt but gEUlogy did.

If they were created in an Electric Universe then you might find examples of shrieking pits on other planets or bodies in the solar system? Due to resolution issues it may be hard to detect them everywhere but on Mars or asteroids you might be able to.

If they were created in an Electric Universe then you might find examples of Meres on other planets or bodies in the solar system? Martian skylights for example?

shrieking pits norfolk meres mars martian skylights ponds caves

These are the Martian Skylights which are caves or craters on Mars. They are similar in depth and size to Diss Mere in Norfolk and Il-Maqluba in Malta. Were they created by the same process?

american norfolk english netherlands meres

Carolina Bays in the USA are a total mystery to geology and science as they are unexplainable. How can you get 100,000s of very shallow craters, ranging from small to massive? The variation in size with them all being shallow stops the meteorite idea. Are Carolina Bays, Martian Skylights, Norfolk Meres, Craters and Caves of a similar size and the Shrieking Pits all created by the same force in an Electric Universe? Are they gEUlogy in action?

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