Diss Mere Norfolk | Is Diss merely a Lake or a Mere Crater?
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Diss Mere Norfolk | Lake, Crater Lake or extinct Volcano according to local folklore and legends?

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Diss Mere Norfolk - is Diss merely a Lake or a Mere Crater? Diss Mere is a puzzling small lake found in the Market Town of Diss in Norfolk, England. How was it formed is a real puzzle and where does its water come from?

How was Diss Mere formed/created?

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Diss Mere Norfolk is an old lake in strange geological surroundings when you consider how it is meant to have been formed. Geology suggests it was formed by glacier retreat back in the last Ice Age.

The problem with this theory is that the immediate landscape around it, that you can see with your own eyes, does not match this idea. One side of Diss Mere is very flat and there is a Cricket pitch nearby. The other sides have either a steep but small hill or rolling hills.

How were the hills, lake of flat land all created by the same process in such a short area?

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Diss Mere Norfolk is a lake of about 6 acres, its depth varies up to around 60 feet and its bottom is said to contain over 40 feet of mud. This is deep for a natural lake in England.

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It is similar in shape and size to Il-Maqluba in Malta. Another very puzzling 'depression' that looks like a crater and Il-Maqluba also has similar crazy myths and legends attached to it. Legends that no sane person would keep saying unless they had some truth behind them.

Diss Mere Norfolk - dormant "Volcano" legend or EU?

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There was an old tradition that the six acre Diss Mere (TM 116798) is the crater of an extinct volcano. It was said to be bottomless, and purged itself once a year, stinking horribly (though actually it's about 60 feet deep and mostly mud)
Diss Mere - Norfolk Folklore Collections Vol 4 | William de Castre | Hidden East Anglia .com

The origin of Diss Mere Norfolk is not known, as the glacier idea is just a theory. There could be another theory that may explain how Diss Mere Norfolk was formed, the surrounding landscape and the strange feature found at the bottom of Diss Mere. Also the other great mystery, where does Diss Mere's water originate from?

The six-acre lake known as the Mere. The origin of the Mere has been the subject of considerable speculation, but its greatest depth is 20ft. There is evidence of a channel across its muddy bed, possibly the course of an ancient stream - (Best-known landmarks: edp24.co.uk 'Postcard From Diss'

The Universe is formed out of a matter called 'plasma' which is charged (ionised) gas. Plasma makes up 99% of the material and space that we have observed. All Stars including our Sun our made of Plasma. Therefore, 99% of the Universe is made up of elctrically charged material. Is it an Electric Universe? Plasma Cosmology and the related Electric Universe Theory investigate this idea.

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EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) is a process we use to erode and remove material. It can create spotting or pock marks that look similar to craters seen on all planets, moons and asteroids. Why do these craters look alike even though all the objects materials, atmospheres, age, speeds are different?

Was Diss Mere and the other Norfolk oval shaped Meres formed as the result of a plasma discharge event in the past? If there was a massive discharge then the EDM plasma could have left a trench, similar to lightning striking a Golf green or pavement.

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gEUlogy is the study of the Earths Geology in an Electric Universe. The EU Theory suggests that a lot of the Earths geology is not due to long term effects over millions of years but may have been formed or carved out much quicker. The Grand Canyon, Arizona looks very similar to a human who has been struck by lightning, including the Lightning Flowers. If the Earth was struck by a Thunderbolt of the Gods as the ancient civilisations all suggest then you would expect to see pock marks on the earths surface. Perhaps Carolina Bays and Norfolks Meres are the result of this?

The Hundred of Dice or Diss

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But this river neare to his spring runneth by and by under Disce, now Dis, a prety towne well knowne
NORTHFOLKE | William Camden

"Diss.-- market town and par. with ry. sta., S. Norfolk, on river Waveney, 19 miles SW. of Norwich and 95 miles NE. of London, 3627 ac., pop. 3846; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day, Friday; is situated on the slope of a hill, at the foot of which is a small lake or mere (5 ac.), the sloping banks of which are tastefully laid out in gardens and public walks. Its mfrs., for which it was once noted, of "Suffolk hempen cloth, " worsted yarn, and knit hosiery, have much declined."
Gazetteer of the British Isles (1887) | John Bartholomew

This hundred hath its name from the capital town, which is so called from the mere situate on its south side; dice in the Saxon language signifying a standing water, lake, or ditch. It is bounded on the south by the river Waveny, which now divides Norfolk and Suffolk...The lord hath all the strays; he hath no warren, but liberty of hawking, hunting, and fishing, in the manor; and the lords formerly have granted liberty of fishing to divers tenants; and it is returned that John Turner, Samuel Folser, Thomas Shreve, Reginald Shuckforth, and Henry Turner, have and maintain certain pits in their yards and grounds, with inlets from them to the Great Mere, as by custom they can justify
THE HUNDRED OF DISS | An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: vol 1

Diss Mere Norfolk | 360 view | bbc.co.uk/norfolk