Norfolk Meres mystery | what geology process formed them?
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Norfolk Meres mystery | what geology process formed them?

Norfolk and Breckland Meres mysteries - what formed these lakes and where does the water come from? mystery puzzling geology with norfolks meres and crater lakes - Diss lake Mere

Norfolk has a number of unusual lakes called Mere's. Norfolk Meres are shallow and broad in nature. The geological formation of Norfolks Meres is a mystery with only a generic explanation that does not sit easy with the eye or other geologists when you visit the Meres.

the mystery of queen Boadicea and her grave and the quidenham mere mystery of scoulton mere and its formation and englands norfolks meres and lakes

Why do they appear to have a similar shape? Are there other lakes or craters on our Earth or other planets that are similar shape and size? Are they related to Carolina Bays?

il-maqluba malta another carolina bay or norfolk mere crater lake?

Is there another explanation for Norfolks Mere's formations and is there evidence for it all over the world? Are there possible examples of the shapes of these lakes on other planets? Is it geology or gEUlogy? Is it a Gravity Universe or an Electric Universe?

carolina bays and englands norfolk breckland meres mystery

The image above are the mysterious and very puzzling Carolina Bays in USA. No geology process can form these. They even radiate or are aligned to certain points that changes with the area they are found in. Are the pock marks or EDM craters from a massive plasma discharge that affected the Earth during one of its catastrophes? What else can explain what you can see?

carolina bays norfolk meres australian murray river lakes lunettes

This image is of a lake on the Murray River in Australia with Lunettes. Is this lake actually a Carolina Bay and Norfolk Mere type lake, an EDM or ' Lichtenberg' discharge crater lake?

australian lakes carolina bays norflok england meres lunettes related variations

More images of Australian lakes along the Darling River, near the Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria Catastrophe and instant fossilisation areas. The Electric Universe event that created the crater lakes also instantly fossilising the Aboriginies that were there.

Does the kidney shape here explain Fowl Mere found beside the Devil's Punch Bowl near Thetford?

Is Diss Merely a crater lake?

Diss Mere is perhaps the most famous of Norfolks Mere's and it is a lake with strange geology around it. Steep short hills on one side, small rolling hills on the other and then one side very flat.


How did glaciers create all these geology in the one area? Where does Diss Mere's water come from? Why does it have folklore about lake activity that we have interpreted as an extinct volcano?

Saham Toney Mere | a tail of 2 eels

fishing lakes norfolk eels saham toney

Saham Toney is a village in Norfolk with a large Mere located on the top of a small mound. Saham Toney Mere is famous for having 2 species of eels in one lake, both as different as can be.

Here is a very large lake which abounds with exceeding good fish of several kinds, but is morst remarkable for its fine eels, though amoung them there is a particular species, with exceedinlgy large heads, which the inhabitants, from their ugliness, call old women, as much to be noted for their bad, as the others are for their excellent fine taste and colour
A general history of the country of Norfolk | John Chambers (1829)

Instant NightMere

Were Norfolks Meres created instantly or a slow geological process? How can human footprints be recorded in time forever by being fossilised in mud unless it was instantly? Why do fossils look like they were frozen at the moment they died? Although we are told fossilisation takes millennia how can all those animals and events be captured and survive?

Are fossils created instantly and that is why they look like it

Meres in England and Norfolk

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