Saham Toney Mere Norfolk | tail of 2 eels and Catastrophe Evolution
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Saham Toney Mere Norfolk | tail of 2 eels and Catastrophe Evolution

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Norfolk has a number of unusual lakes called Mere's. Norfolk Meres are shallow and broad in nature. The geological formation of Norfolks Meres is a puzzle as they fit no known formation process and a different theory is needed for each one.

Is there another explanation for Norfolks Mere's formations and is there evidence for it all over the world? Are there possible examples of the shapes of these lakes on other planets? Is it geology or gEUlogy? Is it a Gravity Universe or an Electric Universe?

Merely a shallow lake?

Diss Mere is perhaps the most famous of Norfolks Mere's and it is a lake with strange geology around it. Of the other Mere's Saham Toney is the most fascinating.

Saham Toney Mere and its old Mawthers

fishing lakes norfolk eels saham toney

Saham Toney in Norfolk has a large Mere of over 12 acres. It is found on the top of mound or rise, like 'craters' found on EDM discharges or caldareas on volcanos. Saham Toney Mere is famous for its strange eels.

Saham Toney Mere has 2 types of eels, 1 breed of eel is a magnificent specimen but the other is as opposite as you can get. All in one small shallow lake! Why is there no 3rd half breed species?

Here is a very large lake which abounds with exceeding good fish of several kinds, but is morst remarkable for its fine eels, though amoung them there is a particular species, with exceedinlgy large heads, which the inhabitants, from their ugliness, call old women, as much to be noted for their bad, as the others are for their excellent fine taste and colour
A general history of the country of Norfolk | John Chambers (1829)

Near the centre of the village is a lake, or mere, of 12A., abounding in fish, especially eels of two species, one noted for their delicious, and the other for their nauseous flavour
Saham Toney | William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1864

Near the centre of the village is a mere of 13 acres well stocked with fish: eels of a peculiar shape are caught and pike of great size are also found here
Saham Toney | Kelly's Directory for Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk, 1883

How can 2 such different types of eels be found in the same Mere? Perhaps the natural energy of the lake has helped create 2 opposite eels, after all you seem to need a positive and a negative energy for an energy system to work.

Saham Toney Mere - climate swinging Norfolk

Saham Toney Mere is close to the ancient green lane of Peddlars Way. Saham Toney Mere and the surrounding area has seen a lot of environmental changes leading to huge changes in the layers of soil and what use to roam around it. According to the dating, if you accept it, massive amounts of fossilisation including sea shells to layers containing elephants. Also many swings backwards and forwards from hot to cold. Man made global cooling and warming or just nature going through its cycles?

The interglacial sediments are extremely fossiliferous and contain several species of mollusc (and other taxa) that no longer live in the British Isles. The overlying cold stage sediments, which do not form a continuous record, have yielded the remains of mammoth and other vertebrates, as well as shells and other invertebrates. Despite extensive searches for flint artefacts, the only convincing artefacts were found in the uppermost gravels, but they might well be Holocene in age.
Ancient Human Occupation of Britain and its European Context (pdf)

Instead of seeing changes on a 100,000-year scale, he can see changes in the sediment that took place in just a few thousands of years
By studying the layers of sediment, Larkin and his colleagues are trying to understand the gradations in climate that Britain has experienced. They have already discovered that the climate near Saham Toney was once less English countryside, and more Mediterranean beach resort elephants and all
Adapt, Move or Die: Prehistoric Climate Change | Saham Toney

Instant NightMere

Were Norfolks Meres created instantly or a slow geological process? How can human footprints be recorded in time forever by being fossilised in mud unless it was instantously? Why do fossils look like they were frozen at the moment they died? Although we are told fossilisation takes millenia how can all those animals and events be captured and survive?

Are fossils created instantly and that is why they look like it

Meres in England and Norfolk

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