Pitch Lake (Asphalt Lake), La Brea, Trinidad - largest natural tar lake
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Pitch Lake (La Brea) - natural tar lake
The largest natural asphalt lake in the world but alive, alive O'
Mother of the Lake
What is the soft white substance called mother? Does it have magical waters?
Atoms are electric..
if everything is made of atoms then
is everything in the Universe electric?

Pitch Lake (Asphalt Lake), La Brea, Trinidad.

Pitch Lake (Asphalt Lake) near La Brea on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies is the largest natural Tar or Bitumen Lake in the world. This asphalt lake is an unusual geological feature for its location.

Why is it there, what is the explanation for its puzzling extra features. If this biggest Pitch Lake on Earth is a cut off remnant from millions of years ago why is it still there and why does it seem alive?

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The Fountain of Youth and oddities

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Here is some leaf litter from part of the forest floor which the lake swallowed, chewed around for a few years and then spat out as indigestible. These leaves were in perfect condition, but as dry as it's possible to imagine
The Pitch Lake - richard-seaman .com

In 1928, a huge tree, estimated to be four thousand (4000) years old arose from the middle of the lake to a height of about ten (10) feet before slowly sinking again
The Pitch Lake - moe .gov.tt

If oil is created by the decomposing of natural organic materials such as forests/woods then why are these leaves not destroyed, why are they totally dry? Has Pitch Lake exchanged their energy for its own purpose? Why has this supposedly ancient tree not rotted away, why do things resurface?

"It's good for rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain, all sorts of things," Fredrick says, splashing the green- and yellow- tinged water on his face. "People come down and bathe in it. Your own personal Jacuzzi. Make you sleep like a baby."
The water has a high sulphur content. That may be the source of the belief in its curative powers - elemental sulphur is relatively harmless to humans, but toxic to many bacteria"
The Pitch Lake - nalis .gov.tt

The lake also has a “Fountain of youth” which is open for bathing. The ” Fountain of youth” was created from the separation of the water and tar that the lake naturally spews
Lake Pitch and the Fountain of Youth - trinidadwebsite .com

The fact that you can dig a hole in Pitch Lake and it is filled up the next day would seem to suggest that the pitch is being created now. Otherwise why does it not overflow or be much larger? The fact that water is also produced by Pitch Lake would also suggest that water is being created now and is part of the process of the lake. Part of Pitch Lakes exchange process that makes it alive. In the Electric Universe water is found and created nearly everywhere there is energy exchanges.

Mother of the Lake?

natural substances strange largest pitch tar lake in the world white mother of the lake soft substance la brea trinidad and tobago What is the white substance that comes out of La Brea or is found on its surface. Why is it called the Mother of the Lake? Is it another part of the exchange system of the Pitch Lake that keeps it alive and active.

Alive, alive O'

Nature, wildlife and the natural processes show that Pitch Lake is alive and active. Apart from the life it also has underground bitumen lines extending out of it, are these part of its natural power lines? There are also many kinds of life that thrive in and because of its eco system. This includes microbes found beneath the surface (section titled "Saturn's Moon Titan") of this hydrocarbon lake.

But beauty flourishes in the surroundings: Cashew trees ring the lake, and guava, mango and breadfruit trees have found a way to survive. Water rose, nymph lilies and bird of paradise grow naturally out of the muck. Herons are everywhere, eating the algae that grow under pockets of water, along with hummingbirds, sandpipers and kingfishers. Locals say that during the dry season, when the sun bakes the skin of the lake, ospreys drop freshly caught fish to cook on the broiling surface
The Pitch Lake - nalis.gov.tt

Underground fissures or fingers of asphalt cause the entire area around the La Brea Pitch Lake to be unstable, road surfaces to buckle and building foundations to sink
The Pitch Lake - amazing-trinidad-vacations .com

How was the Pitch Lake (La Brea) created?

In November 989 a small scale gravity survey was performed on the Asphalt Lake...The results showed that a gravity low exists at the present Asphalt Lake and trends NNW - SSE. Modeling along the two lake profiles indicated that the lake is not bowl-shaped as previously thought, but irregular, with a possible plug at the centre. Asphalt thickness varies from 2.0m gg/cc, which is typical of the Upper Morne L'Enfer Formation. The modelling also indicated that two, possibly large faults exist, which are connected to the Los Bajos fault system to the south. These two faults intersect at the asphalt outcrop and the asphalt is sourcing from them
A Gravity investigation of the Pitch Lake of Trinidad and Tobago - the Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago
There are only a few large natural tar lakes in the world and La Brea is the biggest of them all. How has La Brea been formed and why is it still there? Why have the others also formed if they are so unusual? Natural tar seeps out of the ground and sea floor in a lot of places, even at great depths where it should be under pressure.

Is natural tar being created just below the surface where we find it, is it not millions of years old but being created now? Why can you keep extracting the pitch, digging holes and it refills within hours but the lake itself (millions of years old) has not overflown, got larger, smaller. It just remains and keeps producing its pitch, water, methane etc.

Are the "fault" lines the reason why the tar is being created now. Not because of a process millions of years ago but because there is a energy potential difference, heating, exchanging and transforming the materials of the Earth in an Electrical Universe? Could the Pitch Lake be a variation of Serpentinization?

The low gravity result is of interest when you think about what Gravity is supposed to be. If Gravity is an affect of the whole mass of the Earth then why does Gravity vary so much in a small area? Surely the mass of the Earth is far greater than a little bit of rock missing? Unless Gravity is a side effect (by-product) and not a main force?

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photos from richard-seaman.com website with more great photos.